Birgit Hagen – Einsamt hjartaVisual identity for an art exhibition


Drammens Museum


Visual identity / Print design / Editorial design

Visual identity created for exhibition “Einsamt hjarta” (Eng. Lonely heart) at Drammens Museum presenting a large collection of tapestries and painted works of the Norwegian artist Birgit Hagen (1912-2004) known for her abstract, stunningly expressive, almost painting-like tapestries. “(...) she managed to create a content in a form that has such high quality regardless of time and place. She had an intense desire to find an expression for her inner images.” – states Drammens Museum in the description of Birgit Hagen’s exhibition. The exhibition identity's goal was therefore to capture artist's unstoppable creative passion, her human vulnerability and timelessness of her artistic heritage. Deliverables included: exposition catalogue, printed collaterals (invitation, activities program, tote bag, ticket for children activities) and outdoor wall banner placed on the museum's facade.